Wendy Osher’s practice works deep in the seams of discrepancies in our relationships with the natural world, each other, the things we use, and community. The materials she chooses emerge from the dynamics of the investigation. Discarded materials and stitching have recently surfaced regularly. Her meticulous, labor-intensive approach betrays a rootedness in process, while her sense of humor always lurks in the wings.

Politics and science continue to inform her work. Wendy participated in Sites of Passage; Borders, Walls, and Citizenship, involving Palestinian, Israeli, and American artists who met in Israel and Palestine in 2013 and prepared an exhibition to open at the Mattress Factory in 2014. The International political pressure that forced cancellation of the project days before opening deeply impacted her work.

A 2012 resident artist at Babayan Culture House in Cappadoccia, Turkey in a small Muslim village and a 2010 residency in Plueschow, Germany (former East German village), Wendy also participated that year as an invited guest in an international workshop, Irregular Art Practices in Public Spaces in Munich, Germany.

Her work has been exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Governor’s Island Art Fair/NYC, Mattress Factory, Carnegie Museum of Art/Pittsburgh, Quilt and Textile Museum San Jose/CA, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and The American Jewish Museum. She is a 2009 and 2010 Fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, 2004 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellow in Media Arts, recipient of a 2008 commission by American Jewish Museum and a 2008 Tough Art residency at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  She was selected as a 2007-8 recipient of Brew House Distillery program, an invited artist for the 2005 Pittsburgh Biennial, and a 2004 participant in a community arts residency in Taipei, Taiwan.