Recent Critical Review

1.“Pittsburghers ring in 2012 at First Night”, KDKA coverage of  my “SOS: Message in a Bottle” , Resolution Sculpture . Scroll down to second video:

2. “Something in the Water: Crocheters recycle plastic bags into a reef of awareness” Interweave Crochet, Winter 2011, Sharon Zientra  At first glance Wendy Osher’s piece might be mistaken for a coral reef formation…..” (no link available)

3.“Artists and Environmental Change: the Elusive Power of Contemporary Art”, Artes Magazine, October 14, 2011, Elaine King “Wendy Osher’s communal project … connected women from around the globe by using plastic bags to crochet breast-like shapes.”

4.“Mattress Factory installations look at process, collaboration” Trib Live, April 10,    2011, Kurt  Shaw trib/ae/museums/s_731348.html

5. “2010 top 10 list not big enough to hold art critic’s favorites,” Post- Gazette, January 5, 2011 – Mary Thomas

6. “Interplay puts many parts in play”, Post-Gazette, July 7, 2010
“Exceptional is Wendy Osher’s astute, politically charged “Continental Drift,” a 19-by 9-foot fiber work made of labels snipped from clothing. These she composed into a global map, placing each in a position that approximates the location of its country of origin, to “represent a snapshot of the post-industrial textile landscape in our closets,” she writes in her artist statement.– Mary Thomas

7. “Creating fluid transitions of art at Associated Artist of Pittsburgh’s Centennial”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 1, 2010
“Other highlights … Wendy Osher’s poignant, hard-hitting “Promise,” made of flags and flowers that were “cemetery findings.” – Mary Thomas

8. “Wendy Osher at Fe Gallery”, City Paper, January 13, 2009 “It’s unfair to single out just one piece in Fe Gallery’s impressive In the Making: 250 Years, 250 Artists (which closed Jan. 10). The sheer scope and massing of the exhibit — 250 (mostly) recent artworks by an equal number of local artists, hung salon-style on the Lawrenceville storefront space’s walls — all but precludes it. But I will mention one work which, though it might easily be overlooked, instantly struck me as potent….”  – Bill O’Driscoll

9. “Kid Tested”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 18, 2008 In “Bullies in Our Woods,” Pittsburgh-based artist Wendy Osher constructed a massive tangle of vines — porcelain berry, wild grape vines and honeysuckle — gathered from local parks. These are invasive plants that choke out diversity in natural habitats. In “Bullies,” they’re interwoven with bits of trash picked up during park and green space clean-up campaigns.. –Adrian McCoy

10.” Art and Politics Mix Powerfully Fe Gallery”, City Paper/Pgh, July 17,2008 “Another conceptual jewel is Wendy Osher’s “Invisible Bridge,” made from wire, rubber bands, chewing gum and newsprint. These materials, respectively associated with quick fixes and propaganda, would not bear the weight of a toy soldier. Yet the construction lingers above viewers, presenting letter-for-letter the Bush administration’s comfortless message: “Stay the Course.” – Savannah Guz

11.”Program Pushes participants to new levels”, Tribune Review, April 20,2008 Last Sunday, Wendy Osher was receiving guests at the Brew House’s SPACE 101 Gallery for her As-Is Project. Open to all comers, her As-Is Project is a community sewing venture in which participants are asked to sew the term “as-is” onto their favorite piece of clothing for the purpose of making an “unapologetic” statement.” Osher says. “I wanted to repurpose this friendly, open ‘take me as I am’ phrase to see how it might work for those of us caught in the human condition.”-Kurt Shaw

12.“Exhibition tells life stories through art”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 30,2008 “In the Folds,” created by local artist Wendy Osher, beautifully expresses the difficulty a refugee encounters. In Phaw’s case, this included a dangerous river crossing to escape her homeland and, more recently, melding her young son’s American upbringing (complete with Disney cartoons) with her traditional beliefs.–Mattie Schoetzer

13.“Sharpsburg Artist depicts refugee’s hope”, The Herald, March 20, 2008