Imagin-Knits, 2007

hand knit wool and cotton
Pittsburgh Biennial, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pennsylvania

Charts and mathematical representations of ideas can strike fear, terror or wonder, yet I often feel as if I want to understand them in a more physical, personal way. The content of this work relates to human perceptions of reality. Examples of this practice include, Slim Evidence, a knitted chart displaying the diminutive 4% of reality we can touch, feel, and see compared to the 21% dark matter and vast 75% dark energy of which scientist tell us our universe is composed. Crisis Index shows where the situation in Iraq was recently and is now on a peace – to – chaos continuum, according to the New York Times. Stitch by stitch, History of the Earth delineates our place in time (by implication). Inspired by the idea that if the history of the earth comprised one hour, blooming plants would have evolved only in the last 90 seconds. Making this work allows me to keep that ponder rolling……