Just Add Water, 2010

hand-embroidery and digital print on vintage table linens, whiteboard
Installation at Heinz Architectural Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

Just Add Water combines digital photography with embroidery to highlight some of the promises instant food packaging suggests. Visitors are invited to participate by writing what they like and dislike about cooking on a whiteboard.

Populated with seafaring microwave ovens, incredulous utensils, diagrams for preparing instant soup, and descriptions of fantastic cultural voyages available in powdered form, this hand-embroidered tablecloth takes a look at the promise and peril of prepared, processed, and powdered foods!

Symbols warn against touching actual food while lavish text extols the cultural epiphanies embedded in the various flavors of instant food. Embroidered on vintage table linens, the stark contrast between message and medium cajoles viewers into offering up their own thoughts about food preparation on the supplied whiteboard.