remembering and forgetting, 2014

ink on repurposed polyester curtains

As a girl, I viewed the world through flouncey, see-through curtains from my safe and secure bedroom. Today, translucent X-ray imagery speaks the language of ‘security reasons’. This maze invites you to navigate the space inhabited between the Tel Aviv club scene and West Bank checkpoints.

This installation grew out of my experience with Sites of Passage: Borders, Walls, and Citizenship, a two-year project that began with a group of Israeli, Palestinian, and American artists meeting and learning from each other in Palestine and Israel. A year later, we gathered to install an exhibition reflecting on those experiences at the Mattress Factory and Pittsburgh Filmmakers in Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding stemming from language in the exhibition description on the museums’ websites, pressures via social media compelled cancellation of the show days before the opening.

See video clip to the right.

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